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Clinical Revenge

Cid was a writer who was inspired by the life that surrounded him. His newest story he had written was published in the NY Times for the first time in his career. It was a fictional story about a father and daughter relationship that was stricken by health issues. The story was pure and showcased the love the father had for his daughter as she grew up with a rare health condition. The issue with this story though is that it was loosely based on conversations that he had had with his neighbor John. John was a clinical physician who was involved with cancer research studies. He had heard wind from his wife that CId was published in the Times. She sent him the link to the article. As he read the story, that Cid had pieced together, he realized the similarities it had on his real life he was living. John’s thoughts started to race and his blood pressure grew stronger. His dog barked and it made John snap hard, yelling, ”shut the F up Brandy.” At that moment, he knew what he was going to do. He felt he had been betrayed as Cid had made a mockery of his personal life, showcasing it across the world. Now the wheels started to really spin. And poof the idea rose to him. He was going to dedicate his cancer research studies to ruining John. He’d use John as a test specimen. Planting a rare form of cancer into him and being able to study the effects from his backyard. He had the tools to complete this as he quickly jotted down his plan. Cid had no idea what was to come. The following year of his life, Cid got the rare form of cancer and battled his way to getting healthy once again. His treatment plan was constructed by John who was able to monitor the direct effects week-to-week through backyard conversations. And now those conversations John was having with Cid were conversations put to his own use for his own purposes.

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